If you need assistance, please email support@lawdex.com, or call us at (415) 287-0945.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What services are available through Lawdex?
SDX Lockbox for securely moving professional
documents over the web
(with Free Outlook Plug-in)
Annual Subscription More Info
Service of Process in all 50 U.S. states from your desktop Pay per use More Info
Online Court Filing in California Superior Court - all counties Pay per use More Info
Document Retrieval available for all non-federal courts nationwide Pay per use More Info

Q:  How do I register for expanded online legal services for attorneys?
A:  Register as an attorney at https://sdx.lawdex.com. Tabs for expanded legal services such as court filing will show inside your browser, but these tabs are not visible inside of the Outlook plug-in. If a registered attorney, view your legal services tabs by logging in from the Lawdex homepage at www.lawdex.com. You may launch your browser from Outlook by clicking the Lawdex Corporation link at the bottom of the page while inside SDX (see SDX button on Outlook toolbar). Logging in from the Lawdex homepage will expand your range of available legal services. You may also call us at 1-415-287-0945 for a demo or the full range of legal and security services offered through Lawdex SDX.

Go to the Lawdex homepage to download your free Outlook plug-in at www.lawdex.com.

Log in to www.lawdex.com to see the rates for service of process, court filing, and court record retrieval in your area. Submit your order in 5 steps.

  1. Fill out one-time registration, below, and click I accept to log in.
  2. Once logged in, click a legal action tab from the top of the page.
  3. Complete your form to take legal action.
  4. Attach or fax legal documents.
  5. Pay with credit card or apply for billing arrangements.
Court filing and service of process are handled though the attorney service firm of your choice. Once filed or served, you'll receive your court-stamped filing or proof of service both electronically & by mail. Password access allows you to track the status of your SDX files and serves online. Court document retrieval is returned electronically. Legal Lockbox is a premium subscription service for law firm use.

Dial (415) 287-0945 for immediate service.

Q:  How does Lawdex ensure your professional privacy or attorney client privilege?
A:  Use SDX to correspond privately and professionally using 128 bit encryption without having to exchange encryption keys. Recipients of your correspondence will receive an email notice with a link. Clicking that link will take them to the document you’re sent them. Before the recipient can view it, they’ll need to authenticate themselves by registering into SDX.It’s always free to receive documents. Each user receives their unique username and password to their own 128 bit secure portal inside SDX. Your recipients view only what you’ve sent them: your portal is yours to view alone.

All passwords must include both letters and numbers and be at least six (6) characters long. If you lose your computer we recommend as a precaution that you login from another computer or phone to change your SDX password. All documents sent and received on SDX are archived on the SDX servers. Unless specified by you, documents are NOT preserved on your computer, but instead are preserved on the SDX servers.

Documents never move over email. Instead, email notices bring recipients to view documents securely inside an SDX lockbox. The system captures the ID of recipients, plus the time and date documents are opened. Hundreds of parties can be notified at one time. All correspondence can be rapidly opened, searched, tracked, archived, or associated by case or reference number.

Q:  How do I login if I've forgotten my user name or password?
A:  Click the "forgot password" link from the login page, located just below the password field. You'll then be prompted to update your password credentials.
Q:  Where do I find my correspondence?
A:  Login to https://sdx.lawdex.com and click your Lockbox tab from inside your browser OR login through Outlook by clicking the SDX Secure Send button on the Outlook toolbar (Documents in Outlook also visible inside the Lawdex folder).

At the bottom of your correspondence window you will see either your most recent correspondence or your top results from your latest search. Next to each correspondence is a "detail" button. Click the detail button for information on each correspondence.

Your SDX documents are also available for viewing inside of Outlook using the Outlook plugin. Four folders for viewing documents appear inside of Outlook: Lawdex, Sent , Received, Search. As with any folder in Outlook, the names of these folders may be changed. These documents are not preserved in Outlook, but are archived instead on the SDX servers.

For the purposes of security and authenticating a record of correspondence, no Drafts folder is available. Documents are either sent or received. Navigating away from the correspondence page inside SDX will delete text being drafted inside the correspondence window. Correspondence in draft form may be easy preserved by sending it to your SDX account email. It may then be edited by clicking the Forward or Reply function. Once sent or received no change is available to the originating correspondence record with the exception of time stamps added as documents are opened by recipients. Time stamps are not applied when sent documents are opened by the originating sender.

To ensure the authenticity of a document’s history, once sent or received, documents may not be deleted from the SDX record.

Q:  How do I search for a document?
A:  Click on the correspondence tab or login through Outlook. At the bottom of the page you’ll see the search. You can search by subject, reference number, time frame, or sent/receive status. If logged in through your Outlook plug-in folders for Sent, Received, and Search will appear in your folders menu under your Lawdex folder. Expand this folder for a full view.
Q:  How do I tell when a recipient has opened a document that I've sent them?
A:  At the bottom of you correspondence tab you will see your most recent correspondence. Next to each correspondence is a "detail" button. Click the detail button for detailed information on each correspondence. Once inside the detail view, look to the top-right corner. Under the column header "Date/Time Viewed" you will see a date/time stamp for the moment the recipient opened the document.

The sender of a document receives a date and time stamp on each document for the moment it is opened by the recipient(s). This time stamp is visible by clicking the Details button for each correspondence inside SDX. A time stamp is applied for the sender to view each time a document is opened by a recipient.

Q:  What information is Lawdex collecting on recipients?
A:  All recipients of documents need to identify themselves with their user name and email. Lawdex also collects a recipients IP address at the login window, as an additional ID match for document viewing.
Q:  How private is all this?
A:  Lawdex neither sells nor shares data. You will never be spammed from Lawdex. All data stored on Lawdex is locked down with 128 bit encryption. Lawdex regularly runs security audits on its system. Contact us if you would like us to consult with your firm on information or client file security. Lawdex is also available to run penetration and vulnerability testing on your firm’s data files.
Q:  Who is signing up for Lawdex?
A:  Used by foreign and domestic law firms, healthcare practices, and IP professionals, Lawdex has been endorsed for use as a member benefit by US bar and legal professional associations. Check with your bar association or professional organization to see if Lawdex is available at a discount through your professional organization.
Q:  Who provides customer support?
A:  At Lawdex we offer two levels of support.
1) The Lawdex Customer Support team is standing by to help you answer your questions about moving all your professional documents securely over the web. Call them at 1-415-287-0945 (8:30 am to 6pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).
2) With Lawdex law firms choose their attorney service firm for personally handling court filing, service of process, and court records retrieval. Law firms always have direct contact with the people filing or retrieving their papers with the court, or serving your papers in the field.
Q:  What about additional court and witness fees? How are they paid out, and how am I billed?
A:  Additional witness and court fees are paid out by arrangement with a law firm’s selected attorney service firm for additional fees arranged with the attorney service firm of record.
Q:  Who is Lawdex partnering with to provide court filing and service of process?
A:  Lawdex gives you full access to your attorney service firm. You always know who is servicing your work and how to reach them. Find your attorney service firm by clicking the map on the Lawdex homepage. For details on the firm click their name from the resulting list of firms in the search. With Lawdex you have direct contact and updates over the web as well as immediate access with your agent in the field by phone, fax, or email.
Q:  How can I get updates on the status of my service of process, court filing, or document retrieval order?
A:  Two ways: You can check the status of your order online 24/7; and if you would like more detailed information your attorney service firm is there to answer your questions immediately by phone.
Q:  How do we get proof of service or a court stamped copy after the documents have been filed or served?
A:  Proof of service (also called affidavits of service) are scanned and uploaded to the click-to-serve system by your process server. Customers can get fast access to proof of service or conformed copies online—and receive the original via U.S. Mail. Upon request your attorney service firm will file the original proof for you.
Q:  What if I am having trouble locating the person or business that I need to serve?
A:  Our network of attorney service firms specializes in assisting you with skip tracing. Just make note of any special requests in the notes field when you send your online order.
Q:  What if a signature is required for service of process?
A:  We work with a network of established service of process providers who are very familiar with the local rules in the jurisdictions they support, including signature requirements. Sign, stamp, scan, and send your original. If you have signature questions call your attorney service firm by phone.
Q:  How does Lawdex ensure that service of process is effectuated according to local rules?
A:  We work with a network of established service of process providers who are very familiar with the local rules in the jurisdictions they support. For additional assurance feel free to contact your attorney service directly by phone or email.
Q:  Do I need to use a credit card? Can I set up a billing arrangement?
A:  A credit card needs to be placed on file, but a billing arrangement ca be set up directly through the process server of your choice on the Lawdex network. No credit card is required for free trials.